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I won’t bore you with too much of my back story as to why I chose to join Usborne Books but I will tell you this:

I was a PE teacher for 12 years and I loved it. I still do in many respects. For the first 10 years it was my life! I lived, loved and breathed teaching. I did 5 clubs a week, fixtures, trying to make lessons as fun as possible so more girls like PE. 

Unfortunately the rat race of assessment, planning, deep marking, monitoring and hardly any work life balance took its toll. 

When my daughter was born, over 3 years ago and I returned to work, I found it hard. I dropped to part time and was working 7 days a week but getting paid for three. My work life and life changed the moment I held my beautiful daughter for the first time. I realised that my new job was to the be the best mum I could be to her. 

Please don’t misunderstand what I am saying. There are many mums who do work 7 days a week and are amazing mums, inspiring teachers and are mums with other professions that work long hours. 

I bow down to them.

Some of these amazing women, I consider some be good friends. I think the world of them for doing this and still being the best mum. I know some mums who have chosen to give up work and I bow down to you too. Too all of you.  You are completely amazing. 

I knew something had to change when the dreaded Ofsted phone call came. It was my day off with my daughter. I sat at the dining table working all day and night to try and prepare outstanding lessons, resources and have everything ready, but one thing still makes me feel so guilty about that day. It was a day I was supposed to have my daughter! She kept coming up to me and asking to play. I, stupidly, said I have to work. What a fool I  was. What would you have done?? It’s too late but I would welcome any ideas. 

For many reasons, I left teaching in September 2016.  I am now a supply teacher, Tiny Soccer Star Coach and have a little side business selling Usborne Books. I am so much happier. OK, granted I don’t earn as much as I used to and  I don’t get paid in the holidays. Work can be a bit sporadic too. This was one reason I  joined Usborne Books at Home. 

To bring in a bit of money in the holidays and where possible to top me up AND I wanted to try it! It was time to try things I wanted to try. As a friend put it a mum venture. 

Stock to display and sell. 

There are plenty more in my stock. 

I have access to amazing books for my daughter or use some to sell.  It depends on how you want to work your business. You can work your business in hours that suit you. I am still on a learning journey and really want to make a good go of this. 

I joined in November 2016, for £38 and you get £150 of books and stationary to start your business. I joined with a very good friend of mine and I am her mentor. We did it as a joint adventure and where it takes us. Well watch this space. 

What I enjoy about selling these books is getting to chat to new people, holding pop up stalls in different places, selling to friends, family and hopefully nurseries and schools. I also enjoy the perks. Free books. Half price ones and a business I can work around me and my family. 

My mum did a lot of her Christmas shopping. “wow, this saved me a lot of hassle, thank you”

However, you can’t beat seeing children’s faces when they get the books. 

One happy little customer

For me, education is important. I cherish the fact that I will have been able to educate my daughter to the best of mine and my husbands ability. Both through having a better work/ life balance, being able to be a mum and having access to fabulous books. 

If you are interested in knowing more about Usborne Books at Home please ask. 

You can also find me on Facebook: Mighty Minds Books Shop. 

This sums it up for me. 

After all I cherish spending time with my daughter, whether it is reading, playing or taking her to classes. Most importantly I want her to have as many amazing experiences as possible. 

After all it’s about making memories and the Usborne Books journey is definitely creating some amazing ones. 

Rock and Roll Soft Play 

I was looking for something for my daughters first birthday. We had a lot of people coming and thought doing something at home would be better. 
I googled soft play and found Rock and Roll Soft Play. I liked the fact that Karen had been hired for other functions like weddings and christenings not just birthdays. I read the reviews and was happy to see what she could offer. 

The thing that initially attracted me to the company was their unique animal theme. Once I had decided that this was what I wanted to go for I contacted Karen. 

To say she was helpful was an understatement. I was not sure which hire package to go for, the medium or the Ultimate Rock and Roll package. We had around twenty  1-5 year olds coming so I wanted to make sure they were all catered for and had a good time. 

The Ultimate Rock and Roll package is what I went for in the end, due to the numbers of children and Karen made sure that all ages would be kept entertained. This was my biggest worry. However, Karen put together a package of soft play equipment that did keep everyone entertained. Including this adults!!!! 

Prices vary from £80 to £120 pounds. Karen has just introduced the Dinosaur Rock package for any budding Ross Geller characters out there. It looks awesome by the way. 

The whole process for booking was easy. Once I had the date in mind I checked with Karen to see if the package I wanted was available. It was. I asked for her to reserve the date completed the booking form sent to me by email, returned the form and transfered the deposit. All in the space of two days. Closer to the time Karen emailed me to remind me I needed to pay the remaining balance even though I was on the ball and knew o had to sort this. Done and then it was time for the day to arrive. 

One of the aspects that was fabulous about Rock and Roll Soft Play was we had the equipment for pretty much the whole day. Karen set up at around half past eight to nine o’clock and collected the equipment around half past three to four. I thought this was brilliant. 

Fun in the sun

Example of the equipment that can be hired. 

Would I recommend Rock and Roll Soft Play?

Yes. I thought the value for money was excellent and we had the soft play equipment for pretty much the whole day. Karen has definitely spent a lot of time thinking about the theme for her company and what equipment she wanted. I think this shows. 

Her professionalism was excellent. She helped me decide what was best suited to the children I had coming and even added a few pieces of equipment for the older ones to use. Perfect. 

The only down side. I wish she had the Dinosaur Rock package earlier. My daughter loves them and this would certainly have been one I would have looked at. That said, I was still extremely happy with what we hired and this really made my daughters first birthday even more special. Thank you, Karen for helping to make it so. 

If you would like more information please go to their website http://www.rockandrollsoftplay.co.uk or find them on Facebook page Rock and Roll Soft Play. 

The areas that are covered are around the West Midlands area. Bedworth, Bulkington, Hinckley, Leicester, Rugby, Stratford, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth and Warwick. 

Or if a franchise opportunity is something you may be interested in? You get everything you need. Equipment, flyers, insurance, website, help with marketing and the business from Karen. 

It would suit a mum or dad looking to stay at home and work flexible hours to suit you. Potential earnings could be the same as a full-time and no child care costs to pay. 

After all it’s about making memories and Rock and Roll Soft Play certainly helped with that.