Teaching Antics: Karate Kid 

It feels me with pride when a student or students of mine excel at a sport and this story is no exception, apart from some aspects fill me with dread when I recall this particular one.

The student in question had been taught by me for a few years, and had kept a secret well hidden until year 11. She approached me to inform me she wouldn’t be in my GCSE PE lessons for at least two weeks. When I asked why she said she was off to Italy. I was a bit taken a back at first! A student being taken put on holiday in term time! The story then unfolded as to what she was actually doing. 

With pride, I can tell you that she was representing Great Britain at Taekwondo, along with her twin brother. 

However, the reason for telling this story will unfold and the reasons for fearing for my life but also the funny side.  

This particular lesson was in year 11 core PE time and we were doing basketball. 

Now, my love of this sport is an understatement. Any opportunity I get to play I will. I decided to join in and make up the numbers. 

On this particular occasion I wish I hadn’t. The Taekwondo girl was playing well so I stupidly decided to mark her. 

I cheekily used my basketball knowledge and experience to gain the upper hand! What a big mistake. 

I used my body well to box her out and grab a few rebounds. She hated this. Keep in mind I am only 5ft 2 and she was around 5 ft 10 maybe 11.  Well to me she was that tall!! I was quite chuffed I finally got some rebounds. 

However, the next part of this story sums up how short I actually am. 

So, we both go in for the rebound this time. She manages to get around me and grab the ball. However, I am trying my best to get it too. 

The next thing I know she has the ball and her tactic to do this was to lift her leg up into defensive kick technique right at my head!!! Yes, you read correctly. Her knee was pretty much directly in line with my head. Thank goodness she didn’t kick. My head would have come clean off. 

I must point out that this wasn’t done maliciously, it was done as she went to balance. I think and hope. 

I feared for my life and I saw what could have happened. 

She bent her leg luckily. 

The next part of this story was when she was in 6th form in year 12. It was an enrichment lesson. So, basketball was the sport. We both went up for the rebound. I managed to land with the ball somehow. 

What happens next?? I dribbled the ball down the other end of the court and dunk it on her????? No of course not. I am 5 ft 2. Ha ha ha ha. 

No, what happens next? Well let’s say this. It hurt and hear is why. 

I didn’t stay on my feet long. The next thing I know my legs were swept out from underneath me and I landed with a thump. Flat on my back. That’s right. I was pretty much horizontal in the air for a few seconds. Like the slow motion falling in film when the person arms and legs are moving around when falling from a building. All for getting a rebound from her. It was done in gest as I knew this student well and the rapport I had with her was good. 

It took me a few moments to realise what had happened, regather myself and make sure nothing was hurting. Oh apart from my pride.

 I looked up and noticed her smiling with a hint of ha ha I got you. 

A bit similar to this. 

If you have ever seen the first karate kid film. I feel like the dude that had the major ass kicking from one kick right at the end of the film!!! 

To this day I speak to the student for a catch up every now and again and these two stories always come up in the conversation. Miss remember the time……  

After all it’s about making memories. Even ones that hurt sometimes. 


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