TH Photography

Had I have known that my new basketball coach was also a photographer I would have looked into having Thomas photograph my wedding. Why didn’t you I hear you ask? The one and only reason was because we had found someone already and just paid for him. He was also very good and we were extremely happy with our wedding photos.

After seeing Thomas’s work I was impressed and asked him if he did family portraits shoots. I was eager to capture as many magical moments of my daughter growing up.

Our first session was when she was around four months old. Thomas delivered the goods. He was so natural with us. The best thing was he went with what our daughter decided she was going to do. I hear some of you say not much at four months. However, if I was to say that she was commando crawling at five and half months, crawling at 6, UP THE STAIRS, and walking with confidence at just before ten months you will, hopefully, understand what I mean.

The basketball had to be in a photo somewhere!

We have had four photo shoots with him and every time he manages to capture the best moments. 

He covers a wide range of photography from food to landscapes and I am always impressed with his work. His work appears in magazines, which I think is amazing.

He sets the scene  

The artist wedding photo

The wedding, the after party, then who knows!!! 

Magazine work

Can’t beat a bit of breakdance 

Or basketball

Landscape, one of my favourite places ever.

Would I recommend Thomas at TH Photography. The answer is YES, absolutely. He is always professional and makes you feel at ease. He goes with the the flow and unless you tell him what you would like to be captured. 

There is quite a famous quote which sums up what I am trying to say. “never work with children or animals” This doesn’t apply to Thomas. He goes with the flow.  My daughter is now three and has a stubborn side and is strong willed. In our last shoot, which took place this summer, he suggested ideas to her but if she didn’t want to try he did not push it. I was happy with this. At the beginning of the shoots she will play the game and give things a try but you can tell when she has had enough and losing interest. Thomas will recognise this and end the shoot.

He always advises to bring a bag of tricks, well toys, and thing she might like to play with to use as props. Once again if she wasn’t interested he wouldn’t push the matter.

My own little dinosaur 

I hope you will agree that his photography style captures the essence of those special moments in life and those that take your breath away. 

His artistic style is amazing. The breakdance photograph is brilliant 

I would like thank Thomas at TH Photography for capturing some amazing Covell family photos and some of the best photos of my daughter that I will look at with pride and joy.

After all it about making memories and cherishing those precious family moments that will live in your heart forever and take your breath away every time you look at them.





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