Rub Smokehouse and Grill

Trying to decided where to take my husband for his birthday was quite difficult. We could have done the usual. A curry house or local restaurant but I wanted to do something a bit different. 
I need to explain the background of my husband a little. Not too much though! His uncle used to be a butcher so it seems to reason that my husband would never be a vegetarian.

He is addiment that his daughter will also never be one. Heaven help her if she choose to be. This is why he talks about where the meat she is eating actually comes from. To make sure this situation is avoided at all costs. 

I also need to point out that he likes his food and has tried a couple of eating challenges. To date a burger challenge, twice. Am I pleased he failed? Absolutely. He needs to be careful with what he eats!  

When Man vs Food was on the TV we used to watch it in amazement. How could one man eat like that? Adam Richmond we salute you.

It stands to reason that we had booked our honeymoon to New York  5 years ago. My husband spotted Katz Deli and while we in were in NYC we visited this place. Made famous by Man vs Food, and of course When Harry Met Sally. 

Katz Deli. The Reuben

The coke can is there to show the size of this. 

So, I thought Rub Steakhouse and Grill might be a good idea. Was I wrong or right?

The answer. I had booked a table to guarantee we had one. However, after phoning up to reconfirm they said they  didn’t have my reservation. Oops not a good start. I rebooked a table for two straight away. 

We arrived and were immediately seated for 7.30. The time I had booked. They  redeemed themselves quickly. However, the only downside to where we were sitting was the fact it was right next to the phone and booking areas. It was very busy for a Saturday night. The tables were on the small side too. I will explain that later. 

It was my husbands birthday so I said get what  you would like. That was mistake for two very big reasons. 

He orders a starter. Nachos. It wasn’t a starter it could have been a main meal! 

Underneath pulled pork. 

This photo does not so the size justice. I will say that it was good starter and we enjoyed eating them.  

I ordered one of their milkshakes.  This is what arrived! 

Chocolate mint milkshake 

This could have been a dessert!!! It was goooodddddd. 

Our main meal arrived and we both looked at each other with a look of what the??? 

The portion sizes were huge. 

I hope you can see why the tables were a little on the small side!! There wasn’t a lot of room to fit much else on the table including drinks. 

My pulled pork meal was lovely. Although a lot there. The bbq sauce the pork had been cooked in, for 15 hours was sweet and by the end of the meal it was a little too overpowering. Saying that I thought it was lovely, the fries were great and the slaw was amazing. 

My husband order a burger. What a surprise?? Not. 

This was the burnt ends burger. Again the photo doesn’t do the size justice. 

One of our dearest and closest friends pointed out that we were wusses for not finishing. Thanks hun. You know who you are. 

Did we managed dessert? 

The honest answer would have to be no. 

Would I recommend? Definitely a yes. Even if it’s too experience the place. Would I go back again? Yes, but with out the starter so I could try a dessert. I will say that the music may have been a little loud as we had to speak quite loudly to hear each other. Or I was just showing my age!!! 

Is it child friendly? We didn’t take our daughter. The grandparents kindly babysat for us but there were children there. It might have been good to take our daughter she could have shared the food!!!!

For what we had and including drinks the bill came to around sixty three pounds. The drinks included a Manhattan cocktail which my husband has a liking for, the milkshake, a lager and coke. 

After all life is about making memories and this was sure one of them. 


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