Prettys by Claudia 

So, have you ever wanted art and craft items with a difference? Something quirky? Or have the creative ability of a flea like me? 

If the answer is yes, I would definitely recommend having a look at Prettys by Claudia. I spotted her fabulous craft items on Facebook, after a friend liked her page. 

Claudia describes her craft items as home decor and I completely agree. 

I was after something quirky, something different, to celebrate my daughter growing up. Prettys by Claudia delivered it! Photo jars! Just what the doctor ordered. 

Loving them 

Words can not describe how chuffed I am with the outcome of them. I was actually speechless when I saw them. I have even brought two more for Christmas presents! How organised I hear you say! Erm, not really. Still have more to buy.

I thought the cost for the home decor jars was good. £18 for two or £10 for a single one. After all they are something different and all handmade with loving care. There is also a delivery charge depending on the purchase. 

I will definitely be purchasing more home decor crafts from Claudia. One being a pre school photo frame, to celebrate one of my proudest moments as a mummy. My daughter in her uniform. 

Prettys by Claudia has been quick to respond to messages and her customer service has been brilliant. She has put up with my nonsense for the last few days with all the grace you would expect of a professional.

I wanted them perfect. Are they? Very much a yes. 

I am impressed with the fabulous range of home decor items Claudia makes which can be found on her Facebook page. Photo frames, Christmas baubles and more. All personalised to what you would like. See below for some examples. 

Home decor for any occasion.

Start getting ready for Christmas!

 I am sure you will agree that these fabulous, amazing and stunning decorative items will be well worth the money. 

If you are interested in any items contact Claudia for prices. They vary, so better to contact her directly. Heaven forbid if I was to get them wrong!

If there is something you are after but isn’t displayed on her page  Claudia likes a challenge! She has accepted my challenge of photo Christmas baubles. Get challenging her folks. 

I am so pleased I spotted her page on Facebook. After all it’s abouts capturing those precious memories and, for me, being able to look at them with awe, pride, and love. I do like my quirky knick knacks!! 

You can find all her products and contact details on her Facebook page.


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